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FREE delivery for all orders from £60
FREE delivery for all orders from £60
FREE delivery for all orders from £60
FREE delivery for all orders from £60

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What our customers say about our products and service
Andriana Kremin
London, United Kingdom
Hi Oksana❤️
I received a whole box full of different Soy and Wick products. All of them were absolutely amazing, but because I am a huge fan of woody fragrances, a pine scented candle stole my heart🌲.

Now I’m waiting for warmer days to light my bergamot candle, because it’s so aromatic and fresh 🌿🍋

And a quick feedback about the diffuser.
I put a peony diffuser with three reeds in our bathroom in late December. It’s March now and I can still smell it! The scent is very pleasant and calming🌸
John Kyle
Bangor, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Fantastic car air freshener, great long lasting smell. Came very well packaged too, will definitely be back for more.
Radhica Isac
Coventry, United Kingdom
Heyyy! 🌸

Thank you so much for your beautiful candles🫶🏻

I have got many scents and sizes of your candles: bergamot, vanilla, cedar & jasmine, coconut and peony blossom!

They’re all so so good! I am obsessed, and I was never a candle lover, now… I am a huge fan of your candles 🕯

I need the new fragrances as well! I will definitely be ordering some more from you soon! I need the coconut shell, I must order the tobacco & vanilla, apple pie, pumpkin spice…🫠 I need them all please!

I already told all my friends that they should buy at least one candle✨
Ana Munteanu
Northampton, United Kingdom
Thanks for your passion for creating such great candles, the smells and texture of the wax is unbelievable, peony fragrance have my heart. I’ve almost finished my candles, burning them only on special occasions 😅, but the quality is 👏.
I really appreciate your small business and I am sharing my experience with my friends all the time when they are looking for nice candles😊
Marina Fjodorova
Northampton, United Kingdom
Thank you, Oksana.🫶For my beautiful candles they are so aromatic, every evening I’m enjoying my favourite aroma of lemongrass like in luxury SPA❤️😍🫶 Already recommended you to all my friends, I can’t compare your candles with no one else they are one of my favourites now ❤️
Tatjana Kliniceva
Wellingborough, United Kingdom
Thank you for the hanging car air freshener. Wood, Sage & Seasalt scent was the right choice to pick for my partner. It lasts, smells lovely and not very strong. Thank you!
Kseniija Sturina
Northampton, United Kingdom
About your service.

I have bought the candle from you quite a while ago, sorry for belated feedback ☺️ have to admit you have amazing service darling, from first question up to delivery ☺️♥️ thank you.

About candle ☺️🥹 as I’ve said, bought it quite a while ago, and for long time it’s was peace of my interior , as it looks perfect! ❤️

When I light it up, (I have lemon grass + ginger ) the smell was very nice, not to strong , but noticeable enough … very relaxing 😏

Even my husband liked it, which is unusual for the candles.

Thank you very much , I love it ☺️♥️ I think it’s time to thing about to buy new one, as mine comes to the end ☺️😉😉
Alena Robins
Northampton, United Kingdom
Thank you Oksana, I really liked the candles! The aroma is very pleasant and fills the whole room 🥰
I really want to order candles for autumn 🍂
Oksana, your candles 🔥 everyone who comes to me is blown away by the smell 🥰
I will be ordering soon as a Christmas gift for myself 🥰
Alina Lazurko
Wellingborough, United Kingdom
This smell is my love 😍 of course at the beginning it was much more intense than now, especially because I put all the reeds at once 🫣 but even now you can still hear a slight smell in the bathroom. I turned them over twice. I’ve probably only bought store-bought ones once, because it’s always scary that you’ll be wasting money, they only smell for a day 😁 (reed diffuser review)
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