Soy&Wick Candle Studio

Advantageous Wholesale Offer

Luxury home fragrances that will will hearts of your customers

Why shop our products wholesale?

  • Expand the range of your business
    We are happy to cooperate with interesting and cosy decor, gift and eco-goods stores as well as with flower studios.
  • Make your space more cosy and unique
    Whenever you are a hotel, cafe or restaurant owner, our product will definitely help you to create the unique and inimitable interior and relaxed atmosphere.
    Add more zest to your space and allow you to be remembered by the customers.
  • Corporate Gifts
    Are you a business owner and would like to purchase gifts for your employees, customers, partners or decor items for your salon, shop or office?
    According to your wishes we will produce the required number of products, brand your logo or develop a design together.

Why choose us?

In the production of all our products we use high-quality materials produced in UK, Europe and the USA.
We are always in touch with you and are ready to make an urgent order if necessary. We also work with legal entities.
We make our candles from 100% soy wax. When they are burned they do not emit carcinogens, unlike paraffin analogues.
Interested in shopping wholesale with us?
Check out our FAIRE shop for businesses
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