About us

Your local sustainable and minimalistic home fragrance brand.
Soy&Wick Candle Studio was born in 2022 in Northampton. Our candles, reed diffusers and car perfumes are made from high quality and safe materials. They are handcrafted with love for our work and care for you.

My name is Oksana and I'm a founder of Soy&Wick brand and at the same time the candle making artist that prepares all your orders. All this not without a permanent support of my lovely husband who always stays by my side.

What makes us so special?

1. We select all the materials for the manufacture of our products with care: we use 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks made in Germany and wooden wicks made in USA as well as phatale and PEG-free fragrance oils made in UK.
For our diffusers and car perfumes we use an eco friendly base developed from glycerin that contains zero alcohol.

2. We maintain a balance between price and quality: We strive to ensure that you will get the most from our product for your money. Our home fragrances last 40-50% longer than mass market products.

3. Minimalistic, simple and stylish design: our products add zest to any interior.

4. We make our products individually for you to order, with love and care for what we do.
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