Car Perfume

Car perfume is designed for aromatisation of a car.
It is a tiny glass jar with aromatised liquid inside and with cords for hanging on a interior mirror.

- lasts up to 3 months
- gives off aroma slowly and unsharply
- handcrafted using an eco friendly base developed from glycerin and phalate free fragrance oils

Available fragrances:
-Pear & Freesia
A beautifully rounded pear top meets freesia mid notes and patchouli base notes to create this pure and fresh aroma. Inspired by Jo Malone.

-Peony Petals
The fragrance recreates the scent of fresh peonies. The scent initially exudes a strong and prominent smell associated with pink sugar, red currant and pomegranate. This aroma is the most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling up your room with a scent that is then enhanced by light undertones of peach, peony, ambergris, tonka bean and pink geranium. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a delightful trace aftertaste of vanilla bean, musk and amber.

Sweet and citrusy fragrance that reminds you of Earl Grey tea. Refreshing and uplifting aroma that boosts your mood and energy.

The fragrance evokes the familiar scent associated with this large oval brown seed of a tropical palm. The real oil and milk from the coconut are used in the formula of the fragrance. Initial aroma is associated with green mandarin, ginger and white rum. Then, you’ll feel light undertones of hibiscus, sugar cane, coconut, frangipani and milk mixed with a delightful trace aftertaste of musk from Tonkin, vanilla and sandalwood.

Both sensual and stimulating, this fragrance stands out with citrus aromas mixed with spiced herbs and a hint of fresh eucalyptus. A spa-like scent that helps you to refresh yourself and to invigorate.

-Wood Sage& Seasalt
An aromatic and musky fragrance inspired by the famous Jo Malone fragrance. This marine based scent has hints of citrus, affording an excellent blend of wood, salt, spiciness and sweetness. Not overpowering but with real staying power, this fragrance really evolves and matures the longer it is airborne.

-Apricot Rose
A rich and intense fragrance with tops of apricot and nectarine blossom, mids of rose and gardenia and deep and sumptuous musky base notes, this is a fragrance that packs a real punch. Made using premium ingredients to match this well known fragrance.

-Tobacco Vanille
The scent is similar in identity and style to the much loved fragrance of Tom Ford. This is an Amber Spicy fragrance with top notes of tobacco leaf and spice with middle notes of vanilla and Tonka bean with base notes of dried fruits. This is a unisex fragrance that is loved by all!

Instruction and safety notice card is included to each item. All car perfumes are packed in small cotton bags.

1. Remove the seal from the bottle
2. Screw the lid on tightly
3. Tilt slightly to soak the cork and release the fragrance
4. Repeat as required

Safety notice:
Always keep the bottle in an upright position. Avoid contact with polished/painted/plastic surfaces, furnishings and interiors. Accidental contact may cause damage to certain materials. People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using this product. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands thoroughly after hanging.

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