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Secrets of Bergamot

The aroma of Bergamot fragrance is strong, bright, refreshing, and at the same time quite complex and multi-component compared to other fragrances of the citrus series.
The smell of bergamot combines:

  • a delicate floral tone
  • a fresh juicy citrus aspect
  • a tart woody component
  • and a green herbal nuance.

Interesting fact: Bergamot fragrance reminds of the famous Earl Grey tea!
What are the functions of the Bergamot fragrance?
The rich, sweet and spicy aroma of bergamot instantly uplifts your mood. When you inhale its refreshing citrus smell, you seem to be transported to temperamental and colorful Italy, where the atmosphere of a holiday reigns and life is in full swing.

The aroma of Bergamot belongs to the solar group. It is aimed at the development of the new, promotes creativity and the emergence of positive ideas, carries vitality.

As a creative fragrance, the smell of Bergamot eliminates despondency, melancholy, unpleasant emotions and anxiety, depression and apathy.

The smell of Bergamot amuses and liberates, providing a positive mood. It is believed that the smell of Bergamot will make even the inveterate pessimist smile.

The spicy and sweet aroma neutralizes the heavy energy of mass gatherings or crowds, promotes learning and helps to overcome difficulties.

I think Bergamot is one of the most versatile scents that most of us love. This is a very lively scent that pleases and motivates.

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